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wish_verse's Journal

Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive
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All Members , Moderated
This is the in-character community for a BtVS/AtS (sort of) character play. The storyline background can be found here


  • Warmly greet new people. Talk with them.
  • Use your smarts when writing your posts. A few paragraphs.. a storyline.. twice or more a week. Keep those comments coming on people's posts. Keep the flow moving.
  • Respect. Dignity. Just do it.
  • Bring all real problems to the mod. Do not take up my time with idle questioning.
  • Write your character with all the facets and limitations and orientations of who they are.
  • Only use other people's characters in your post the way they want you to.
  • Try to expand the limits of the imagination without jumping the shark.
  • Think about the consequences of your plot. No major character death without mod permission.
  • Establish a environment of respect and consideration for the other people here...
  • And remember this is a unique AU. Please read the complete info on wishish community before posting.