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Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2005|03:22 pm]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

[mood |Needa Shave]

It’s 1999.

After my hospital visit I directed Faith to drive us both to Sunnydale Cemetary.

I griamced and tightened the bandages on my wounds. My chin was covered with a dark pattern of stubble and I felt a headache coming on. I thought over my adventures here. I missed the staidness of British life. We had been fighting tooth and claw for our survival against the vampires. but there we still had each other.

And now, here in the American Urbanside I was alone. I fought alone, had acted alone, and had almost died alone. I felt as if graduating at the top of my class had been more of a responsiblity then a honor.

Ever since I had come to this town, I had been bitten, attacked, and had a one to one battle with a vampire involving a chainsaw. I turned my head, wincing at the discomfort and gazed over to Faith with my warm analytical slate blue eyes.

We had to get to the graveyard soon. I had been distracted by vampire attacks, hordes of flying demon monkeys, and a mysterious blue skinned stranger but enough was enough.

We had to get back the ring and the glove and return them to safe keeping in Britain.

I smelled musky and my english hygine was catching up to me. My mouth fet heavy and my teeth felt like they had a weight pulling on them. I suppose I had not much time to brush while using chainsaw against a vampire in mortal combat.

My shirt had a few blood stains on it. I grimaced to Faith and winced in pain. “We’re here.”I said slowly. My hand lowered and grasped at the exit handle of the truck door. “Bring the shovel.” I gasped and turned my head to gaze out into the cemetary.

(Open to Faith, Giles, Buffy)
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Hurt watcher and still no other slayer [Mar. 20th, 2005|03:52 pm]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

After signing Wes out of the hospital we headed to my truck. I wasn't sure where his car was but I opened the door and helped him in. He looked like hell and I closed the door. I hurried to my side and slid into the seat. I started it up and looked at him.

"Where's your place?", I asked.

*Open to Wes*
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Flying Monkeys [Mar. 15th, 2005|02:34 pm]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

[mood |worriedworried]
[music |Black Unicorn-Heather Alexander]

I didn't know if it was embarrassment, or shargrin, or if any verb would be a good enough feeling for this. Somehow, I'd allowed the bloody flying monkeys to make off with me, and take me away from where I was needed. Sunnydale.

I think. I came to in a very small room that smelled of old death and dust. There was faint light coming from a tiny rectangle window, about two feet above my head. I had to get up there, and see just where in the nine hells those fiends had taken me. I must have become a threat to someone, my good work with the other good guys must be irritating someone.

But why leave me alive?

I rushed the door, first trying the knob, the throwing all my weight against it. "Ouch, damnit." I only succeeded in nearly pushing my shoulder out of joint. No food, no water. Perhaps I was meant to perish here?

The window, my only hope: I pushed part of the coffin that still sat unadorned and unattached, or perhaps had become unstable, in the middle of this...this mausoleum. I climbed on the box, though it was precarious at best, as most of the wood had rotted through, and I had to baby my left shoulder. But I made it to the window. Sunny. Birds. Trees. Tombstones.

"No bloody way." It was a stroke of genius on someone's part, and a terrible joke to play on the White Hats and slayers. Take me away, and have me die right next to them, in The Sunnydale Cemetery, no warning, no reason to guess that I was right here. And since there are so many cemeteries in Sunnydale, my comrades may not even hit this one until it really was too late. What a terrible thought.

The window was too small to get a good yell out of, and could barely get a few fingers through the wired pane. My pointer finger somehow ran afoul of something quite sharp, perhaps old glass, and it began to throb, joining my shoulder. And me without a tetanus shot.

I'd have to wait until sundown, until someone on my side was patrolling. Then, somehow, I'd have to signal them.

He pats himself down, looking for a pen, paper, something. He finds an old receipt.

"Damn again. No pen." Looking around, I realize my finger isn't just hurt, it's bleeding. Looking inside the dilapidated coffin I found a small bone, broken just right to be used as a pen, dipped in rather personal ink. Seemed poetic somehow. Or maybe I was just already losing my mind. I really had no idea how long I had been here, or how long I was knocked out. Sooner or later, I was going to end up with brain damage.

He sits, and painstakingly writes a very short, concise note. Talking to himself "Now I wait and watch. If I do this right, perhaps I can be out of here by tonight.

Placing myself down in one of the cleaner areas of the tomb, I watch the light wan, waiting to her the sounds of fighting outside.
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a new Puppy [Mar. 4th, 2005|09:41 pm]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

After my battle with the Watcher, I waited in the shadows until dusk, when I could check on my favourite spots to catch a bite. The alley behind the Bronze, the park, the cemetery... I could even find a choice morsel sometimes just wandering the streets. Admittedly, that didn't happen often, but it had on occasion.

Tonight seemed to be my lucky night - there was a girl out all by her lonesome. Poor thing looked like a puppy looking for her master; perhaps I'd let her be my puppy. Of course, I might just want to drain her, too - to decide, I was going to have to get a better look. I followed her silently, noting that she seemed unfamiliar with the town, looking constantly for something she recognized.
A newcomer, I thought. Perhaps no one will miss her, then...
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Dammit. [Mar. 4th, 2005|11:04 am]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Alright, so two nights in a row where a vampire that had crossed paths with me..lived? What the hell is going on with this town? I come to help, or I was summoned, however the watchers council put it-- I was here, in Sunnydale to defeat the master. That's all the plan involved. So I fulfilled my duty as a slayer in this town. I saved a lot of people, and brought the vampire count down to a minimum.

So why am I still here?

Right, I got soft. I played around with those emotions that are strength, and yet are weakening at a time like this. Things wouldn't have been so damn hard if I just killed the vampire that claims to have a soul. Angel, he told me his name. A soul. First off, I had no idea how that happened. I didn't have enough time to ask him because I was too busy being dead, and failing to defeat the master. So he saved my life. Thanks for saving my life, vampire.

Yes, it doesn't take an idiot to tell that this town wasn't normal by a long shot. Then again, Angel, telling me that he wanted to help me? The one person that could be the destruction of his kind. First off, I don't need help, and second off, not from a vampire. Especially one that isn't really into fighting. More so into the scared, cowering kind.

But that feeling changed too. Dammit! I'd been leary in the first place when, after the Master died to have him partol with me to get rid of the few stragglers that claimed to be brave. I didn't want him to come, but he was persistent. For a vampire that doesn't like to talk that much sure was stubborn. And I guess it was a good thing that he did come, because I would have been...

Yeah, and killed. Again.

I was knocked out, and my guess was that Angel had made a trade. I wasn't sure, but when I came to, they were all gone, and I was on the ground, with a bump on my head the size of an egg. So I asked Giles for help. Did I get any? No.

So I had feelings for a vampire that saved my life. Good for me. I'm ure my watcher back at home would approve. Home being where I belong, not in this town where everything I know has turned upside down.

I should have left. I shouldn't care.

But he saved me.

So I was on my own in finding Angel and everyone else. Not a problem..it's how I live my life normally. Alone.

So I meet up with a cocky vampire that's still standing. That almost beat me.

So either these guys are worse than what I'd been taught or it's me...because twice in a row really isn't a good record, considering I'd just gotten here.

All the more reason to go home...

AFTER I save Angel. Because I'm not one for unresolved issues.

And the vampires that got away from me? They gotta die too, because I will not have a reputation of running away. Ever. I wasn't running away.

I just hated it here. I hated working with other people, they get dead as showing previous examples.

So I walked around the graveyard for a little bit longer. Maybe I'd run into something that I could beat and regain my composure and rank. then I can bitch at Giles for not helping me find the vampire that saved my life. You know, so we can be even.

God, listen to me.

((Open to ANYONE.))
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After my run in with the slayer [Feb. 24th, 2005|06:48 am]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

Had a little run down with the slayer earlier. Must admit the fun in that. Those bloody fledglings made her sound so bad and tough. She was nothing, I could’ve danced with her all night. Damn slayer thinks she’s invincible, can’t wait till I prove her wrong. Could’ve done it tonight if I wanted to, but where’s the fun in that., gotta play games with these slayers, especially the ones who think their all high and mighty. I mean really could you believe her, standing there saying she could take me that I was just all talk and no action. She wishes. I sure showed her, could sense it in her, she started to realize I wasn’t just any vampire.

I took a long hard drag from the fag I was smoking. Had to pop one of those cancer sticks in my mouth after that display with the slayer. I wondered where my black goddess ventured off to, knew she would have a ballpark in this place. It was like a bloody playground for us vamps. Of course there was talk of that slayer changing things around her. Doesn’t look like that’s happening.

I glance around the area and notice how run down everything is. All I see are creatures of the night bumping around, nothing more nothing less. Well, besides that pesky slayer that was around before. One lucky slayer she was tonight, Dru will probably be disappointed that I didn’t kill the girl right away. What can I say guys gotta have his fun doesn’t he. Besides she will be dead soon enough.
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Looking for this other slayer [Feb. 13th, 2005|01:04 pm]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

"Wrestling alligators pays good.", I said as I changed the c.d. My watcher decided she needed a very warm vacation so she headed off to Jamaica. She deserved it, dealing with me for the last few months.

I remember when we first met. I was chillin on the steps of my building watching the cars go by. I had a cigarette in one hand, a beer in the other. Only 16 but a high school senior. Seeing what my mother had with her limited education, I promised myself and her that I'd finish high school. And I did, just early.

I was called a month before graduation but somehow I managed to balance slaying, friends, and school. I graduated with honors and numerous colleges offered me scholarships but I couldn't except because of my destiny.

Veronnica, Ronny for short, told me that I had a choose whether or not to tell my mother. It was a no brainer, I did. With a sigh she kissed me and let me leave with Ronny. And I've been with the Brit chick ever since.

She told me about how the slayer before me was brought back to life. So I suggested meeting her while Ronny was away and she agreed, and told me to watch my back.

I blasted my music as I drove into the city limits of Sunnydale.

*Open to whoever*
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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2005|03:54 pm]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

As soon as the sun set, I was off to the Magic Box to get some supplies. I was getting a little worried about Xander - I hadn't seen him since he'd left a few days back. Okay, he was mad. I got that. But to just leave and not come back, or even let me know where he was?

Well, he'd better not be doing anything stupid, because I'm gonna track him down with a locator spell, which is why I needed to go to the Magic Box. My magickal stash was getting low and it was about time for me to stock up, especially if I wanted to be able to do anything that involved anything besides me and my brain.

I let myself in, welcome bells ringing as usual. The store was darker than usual, even allowing for the dusky skies. I didn't even see the cashier, but figured she must be doing something in the back. Maybe this would be an opportunity to get a few things without having to pay... that would be nice. Not that I don't have money, but why pay when I don't have to?

Examining the curios on the shelves as I walked deeper into the store, I noticed a few... interesting... items. For instance, there was a particularly nice fertility goddess statue I wouldn't mind having, but it would have to wait as there were things that were much more necessary to get on this trip.

Liking the feeling of being alone in the store, I poked around happily and was startled when I heard the door chime again. I spun to see who had entered.

"Watcher," I growled, disdain obvious in my tone.
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(no subject) [Jan. 27th, 2005|02:38 am]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

I made his way down the streets of Sunnydale. I didn’t know yet where I was going all I knew was that I’m suppose to aid a vampire named Angel. You see I had these visions from the Powers to Be. They aren’t too much fun, cause a massive headache and flashes of people in danger. So here I am now, in Sunnydale Ca. where the Powers sent me. Suppose to show Angel his way towards redemption.

I quickened up my pace a bit as I heard some noises behind me. I was going to make my way as fast as I could to the nearest motel. Don’t really see how visions would help out in this town, look all around ya and you see all the evil, don’t really need a damn vision to show you the way. Strange how I was married before and was a teacher and now here I am in an forsaken town in which I am suppose to be playing hero and pushing a fallen hero back on his tracks. Have to make you think who’s in charge and what they are on.

[open to anyone]
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2005|09:34 pm]
Don't Wear Bright Clothing. Students May Not Drive

Wicked fun, the bloody fledglings decided to leave and return to the Hellmouth. Think they can get away from me now do they. Think they are gonna take over the Hellmouth. As if I wouldn’t find out. Rumor has it that the Hellmouth is left all alone with no big bad to rule over it. Well, that’s where I step in. Show them all what true evil is.

Taking a drag from my cigarette as I glanced around the town. So this was it, the Hellmouth that I heard so much of. Doesn’t look like much, at least not from here. Although I must admit there doesn’t seem to be many humans running around. That could cause this town to be a bit boring. Well, if its all abandon and no fun running about how could it be fun. Maybe get some lackeys that are human to go out in the day for us. We could offer them protection if they get some food for us. That sounds like an idea. Besides I’ll be the biggest bad in these parts, human’s better want bloody protection from me otherwise well, they won’t be around. And if anyone else catches on and offers them the same deal they’ll be dust. No vampire could offer protection against me, I’m William the Bloody for christ shakes.

I start to head down the street. Wonder where this slayer is that the two Fledglings talked about so much. Doesn’t look like a slayer’s playground, not even a bit. “Here slayer, slayer” I said in a mocking tone. I couldn’t help but laugh as no one was around me. Taking the last drag of my cigarette, I tossed it to the ground. “Now time to find something fun to do.”

[Open to the slayer of course and anyone else who would like to jump in]
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